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Fall in California

Yesterday as snow fell in Colorado I rode my mountain bike up Tam without even barely getting muddy. There is something to be said for that. Here are a few shots from this glorious season:

A fishing boat from Santa Cruz marooned in Stinson

A fine meal of duck confit and pommes dauphinois cooked for my co-horts in cheese. Zero fromage was served at dinner.

While our evenings have now been enveloped by the night, the mornings have become absolutely breathtaking. Can’t beat a scene like that from my bedroom window.

Take Three

It seems that this blog has become an account of how many damn times I can move in two years. Sparing all of the gory details, I am now residing on a pristine yellow houseboat in Sausalito. Kyle was offered a unrefusable job in the Santa Ynez Valley for Jonata, and last weekend we moved him down to Santa Barbara. I am staying in my current position at Cowgirl for at least the forseeable future, and staying alone up in Petaluma didn’t sound like a heck of a lot of fun. So I grabbed my old bud from college and found a houseboat! Missing him is hard, but spending time together here when he can visit is wonderful, making me and Nash very happy. It’s really a magical place to live, can’t be beat by the five minute drive in to SF and walking distance to Fish.



View from our window

Sometimes the first time is not a charm. So you pick up and change it! Queso con Vino has moved back to Sonoma County, this time to lovely Petaluma. We are in love with this sweet little town, and the views from our loft can’t be beat. Bright morning light filtering through the huge window helps with Kyle’s new schdule, with waking up and coming home here a dream. If there is a time to visit, please come on a Wednesday evening, where we can enjoy the night farmers market right outside of our doorstep, and have a glass of wine at La Dolce Vita or a beer at the Lagunitas Brewery together. See you soon?!