Lovely Rosemary had her 30th birthday on January 1st, and we threw her a surprise 1930s themed party at the Pardi’s house. It was hands down the best NYE party I have ever been to. Three levels of action including a Speakeasy down in the wine cellar and everyone looking their finest in period appropriate attire. I took care of the food which included the above deviled eggs. The secret? Butter in the yolk mixture. Yes, more fat! Also, the butter browned shallots sprinkled on top that everyone mistook for bacon. Damn girl.

Ladies looking on while the birthday girl enters (sort of surprised)…yes, that is Frida Kahlo in the corner. Stellar costume idea. Her husband came as  (a rather thin) Diego Rivera.

Rosemary was resplendent with her baby filled belly, and fun was had by all. Until next year ya’ll!