The weatherman says this cold snap has come directly to Northern California from the Arctic. The Arctic? Since when does that ever happen? Walking to the car today reminded me of why I so clearly decided to leave New York after college. Whimpering down the street isn’t fun for anyone. The fact that I am a huge wimp didn’t bode well for a long fulfilling life on the East Coast. Or the Midwest. Or anywhere but here basically. Good thing I think the Bay Area is the bees knees!


There are two things that I appreciate about the cold weather: more opportunities to eat soup and cheese. Preferably melted cheese on soup. So far I have made a “why is this so good” broccoli-leek soup, and a “why did it yield so damn much that I have to eat it all week” roasted vegetable soup with sundried tomato pesto. Good thing Kyle still likes me even though I smell like soup. So for good measure I threw in a Dutch Baby with lemon zested sugar on top. That helped. Now on to part two of the perks of frosty weather: cheese.


Rush Creek Reserve. The new cheese by Andy Hatch at Uplands Cheese Company in Wisconsin has now hit the West Coast. As of today. See it on the shelves just in time for Thanksgiving. And one on our table! This is a brand new cheese. The hype has been huge. And I have to say that the product delivers, this is a flat out fantastic cheese. I look forward to seeing how it develops and evolves in the next few years, even though at this very moment I can’t think of another cheese I would rather have gracing the Thanksgiving table. Well, of course Red Hawk will be there too! This cheese reminds me of the first Mont d’Or that I ever tasted at my aunt Lisette’s house in Paris. It is so thick and unctuous that you could hold a spoonful of it upside down for a full five minutes with it hitting the floor. If you can find it please try one soon! It will warm you from the inside out and the Arctic chill will quickly disappear. I guarantee it.